RAWALPINDI - Race Course police station staff made a novel way to mint money from commoners, as the station house officer (SHP) declared general holdup and confiscated suspected motorcycles and vehicles to maintain peace in its jurisdiction but his subordinates let them go after receiving bribe.

All this is happening right under the nose of SP Potohar Division Haroon Joya. The officials of Police Station Race Course fixed Rs 300 to 500 bribe they take from the owners of suspected vehicles or those having no registration books, it has been learnt here on Friday.

Despite knowing all the wrongdoings going on in the police station, SHO Syed Tahir Abbas Kazmi has closed his eyes giving a freehand to his subordinates to loot poor public in the name of general hold up.

On Thursday night, PS Race Course stopped a motorcycle owner Mukaram and asked him to show the registration book of his Honda 125 motorcycle bearing registration number (RIK-3760), however, the young biker could not provide the documents. On this, the motorcycle was taken to police station while a report under section 550 was registered. Later, the police constables broke a deal with the owner and let him go with bike after receiving Rs 400 as bribe.

Similarly, some 6 other motorcycles were freed in the same fashion by the constables after taking bribe from their owners despite of penning in reports under section 550.

SHO PS Race Course Syed Tahir Abbas Kazmi, when contacted to get his point of view, did not attend his cell phone (03005191120).