LAHORE - PML-N Senator Tariq Azeem has supported the Election Commission decision to put ban on the public jobs as well as on the provision of development funds to the PPP legislators until after general elections.

Azeem said the commission had discharged its constitutional obligations by the said measures as such the criticism made by Public Account Committee Chairman Nadeem Afzal Chann, was uncalled for.

He said the PPP during the five-year rule only practiced corruption on the pretext of doling out development funds to its members. Now when the elections were round the corner, the PPP once again wanted to mint more money and loot the national exchequer by way of releasing funds to its members.

The PML-N leader said the money of the development project would, in fact, go into the pockets of the PPP legislators and the EC by restricting transfer of the same, had taken a step in the right direction which would also go to ensure free and fair election in the country.

Azeem said the federal government had spent Rs 21 billion in just 12 weeks in Gujar Khan and the government must account for it. The purpose of this huge spending in such a short span of time, he said, seems not more than a means to influence the polls.

“The PPP is still not serious about spending of the public money and is looking for means to get commissions in the development schemes and make money through recruitments,” he added.

Meanwhile, Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said the PPP rulers were indulged in ‘non-stop’ corruption.

Reacting to the statement of Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz wherein he slammed the Punjab government over Metro Bus, Sana said Raja should first look at the performance and corruption of his own government before leveling allegations on others.

“The Metro Bus has points to stop during the operation but the PPP corruption is no-stop. The end of the PPP corrupt rulers is near as the masses are anxiously waiting to take this party to task by rejecting it in the upcoming elections,” Sana added.

Also, PML-N City President Pervez Malik expressed grave concern over the law and order situation in Karachi.

He stated Friday that the federal government had totally failed to arrest the situation in that part of the country. He said the government had lost writ on the criminal elements in Karachi.