ISLAMABAD – The visiting chair of the International Board and Members Assembly of PLAN International and former special representative of the UN Secretary General for Liberia, Ellen Margrethe Loej, has emphasised the need for national capacity building and sustainability in Afghanistan.

Delivering her talk at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) on “Peacekeeping, Peace-building and State-building: Lessons from Liberia” on Friday, she said that there was a need to focus on political issues, national security and peace-building in Afghanistan.

Loej said it is vital that the peace is kept; a sustainable peace is built and encourage long-term development in a country that progressed to a post-conflict stage. She further said that challenges and solutions differ from state to state. She said that peacekeeping, peace-building and state building are interlinked. She asserted that national governments with the help of international community will have to pursue all three simultaneously; peacekeeping, peace-building and development. Ellen believed that international community should engage with the fragile states in finding the solution of their particular predicaments. She said that focus should not be only to make or establish peace but need to be on how to build or sustain peace. Ms. Ellen stressed on the support for building national capacity. She also called on the government of fragile states to establish priorities and to decide what realistically can be achieved. And the national ownership of these priorities is essential to ensuring sustainability for international level and for the national resources invested. She also stressed on close cooperation among international partners to ensure timely support for national priorities.

Loej also talked about the challenges in Liberia where today police is facing lack of necessary equipments to carry out their job.

In addition, she talked of need of administrative capacity building within the country.