LAHORE (PR) - In its meeting held on Jan 24, 2013, the PAC forwarded a report of its Sub-Committee on NESPAK’s internal matters and alleged irregularities purported to have been made in promotions and appointments. All this was on the behest of one MNA Ayaz Sadiq whose demand for promotion of two NESPAK employees was not favoured by the Managing Director. Thus he began the relentless assault on NESPAK by the PAC Sub-Committee, particularly just two members out of seven, casting aspersions on NESPAK’s purely administrative matters and questioning actions and decisions taken by the MD. A blatant case of personal vendetta against the MD was pursued with relish by MNA Ayaz Sadiq, single handedly spearheading the entire smear campaign against NESPAK and its management - for the only purpose to see the MD removed from office for his fully exposed ulterior motives and paving the way for a vice president, who unbecomingly is already in cahoots with him.

That NESPAK, which is a private limited company established under the Companies Ordinance 1984, is entirely lost to most members of the PAC, who were repeatedly informed that NESPAK employees are not government servants and therefore not subject to scrutiny under government rules. It may kindly be noted that NESPAK generates its own revenues and according to SECP Regulations works under a fully empowered Board of Directors. Let it also be known, NESPAK draws no funds from the national exchequer.

It is legally an independent private limited company, albeit owned by the state. It has its own service rules and is run without any interference of the government, strictly on professional lines as an organization of repute employing highly qualified professionals.

It is today, the largest and most sought after institution in the country – only because it is managed professionally and operates without interference of outside forces.