GUJRANWALA - Prolonged loadshedding has crippled the economy has 21,000 industrial units are on the brink of closure due to power shortage.

The industrial units are in critical condition and taking last breath due to the losses the industrialists have to bear due to 18-20 hour loadshedding in Gujranwala causing increase in unemployment rate.

Shahid Mughal, a small industrialist, said that loadshedding had crippled the economy as the units which were supposed to generate billions of rupees are now on the brink of closure. He added that closure of industrial units at such colossal level is unprecedented and causing threats of unemployment at huge a scale. He further said that poor labourers drenched in sweat are not able to feed their children even now while their plight is worsening by every passing day as the threat of termination is lingering over their heads.

Naseer, a common man, said that loadshedding had adversely affected every section of the society as in the current times businessmen are suffering 18-20 hours loadshedding. He said that business units are closing for not being able to meet the expenses and are going in losses which should be taken into account to control the depreciating condition of the economy.

He added that the government had failed to resolve the problems of the masses. They are only alleging and blaming one another instead of resolving the problems. He threatened that if the provision of amenities is not ensured by the government which is its primal duty, a vigorous reaction from the masses will be evident as they have nothing to lose, he said.