LAHORE – Pakistan People’s Party Central Punjab President Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo said on Friday that People’s Youth Organisation (PYO) would be mobilised for the upcoming elections.

Talking to the media at the PPP media centre following two separate meetings of People’s Student Federation and PYO, he said representation of the youth would be ensured in the upcoming general elections as both wings of the party were its essential parts.

PPP Punjab General Secretary Tanvir Ashraf Kaira was also present. He said the PYO would be reorganised from provincial to union council level and turned into an exemplary organisation in the province.

He said the PPP was an ideological party and it always rejected people who worked for personal gains, adding that workers had laid down their lives for democracy and the country. The minister said PPP will organize youth and bring them in the mainstream of national progress. He said party’s Youth Organization and Peoples Student Federation will be organized at the District and the Union Council level so that party roots in public may be further strengthened for maximum benefit in the provincial assembly's elections.

He said that people’s secretariat has been established which will help youth in getting jobs besides providing wheel chairs to the disabled and sewing machines to women.