SADIQABAD - A Seraikistan Qaumi Ittehad leader threatened that if Serakistan province is not formed, seven billion Seraiki people would launch a civil disobedience movement.

SQI tehsil president Javed Koreja alleged that the Punjab government was not providing funds for the development of Wasaib thus exploiting the Seraiki people. The people of Wasaib are deprived of basic facilities like education, health and employment and such policy was tantamount to an act of oppression and cruelty against the local people. He alleged that the funds of South Punjab were being spent in Upper Punjab while the local people were deprived of the basic facilities.

He said that the Wasaib people are now cognisant and Insha'Allah, the opponents of Seraiki province would face a defeat across the country. He said that the Punjab government was meting out a step-motherly behaviour to Moran village as the region is facing shortage of such facilities, he said. He said that the people would not compromise on the issue and not to take rest till the creation of Seraiki province.