KARACHI - In order to maintain the smooth and uninterrupted gas supply to the industry during the whole next week, the SSGC will observe its schedule strictly for closure of gas supply on Sunday, February 3. All the industrial and captive power customers are required to discontinue gas usage completely on Sunday, Feb 3 from 7 am till Monday Feb 4 up to 7 am for 24 hours, as per the schedule already agreed between the stakeholders. The SSGC’s surveillance teams will monitor the compliance of the schedule, which are fully authorized to disconnect gas supply for next 48 hours of any customer found violating the agreed schedule. The gas supply to such customers will only be restored after issuance of NOC from the concerned Industrial and trade Association.The SSGC management has requested the industrial customers to cooperate with the utility in order to enable supply at stable pressure during rest of the week.