Society is web of institution, each institution connected and interdependent on other. Mal-functioning in one institution can lead to disability in all. Education system of Sindh is witnessing stagnation with respect to providers of education. This system works on the principle of water flow, pressure coming from behind pushes the water available in front to move ahead. Grades and duties in this system is design on this particular pattern, fresh blood are recruited, after years of experience they are pushed to upper grade, and those who complete their grades get retired.

Weird stagnation has emerged in this system for past couple of years; promotion to higher grade is halted, for undefined reason. Causing numbers of catastrophe in this system, ubiquitously a statement is heard in educational discourse ‘there is one teacher for 200 students in government school,’ or ‘less number of teachers available for high number of students. Indeed the scenario is the way it is presented, rationally there is one clear answer for this problem, and that is ‘stagnation’. There is a specific committee responsible for this task; its incompetency is causing disability in the institution.

For sure, stakes are high and we required a great amount of effort debating on not having sufficient resources will not help us at all. Just by keeping things in proper order might show some ray of hope for betterment in this segment. I intend to provoke our entrepreneurs and our educationist to provide better and more education. All schools which charge high fee should give some back to the country by providing education to the poor for free. Education should not be just a business but a vocation and our teachers should also participate in spreading it far and wide.


Karachi, January 29.