Government of Sindh has once again imposed a ban on pillion riding for one month in the province forcing the common man to suffer at the hands of transport mafia. Such bans are imposed in other parts of country too but I wonder what wrong has the common man of this country done to be paying for the crime that he has never committed. It seems as if the government of Sindh is hand in gloves with the transport mafia. Despite this inconvenient ban crime rate has not gone down a notch.

In fact number of target killings has gone up. In order to give relief to the common man from pillion riding ban, I have some suggestions which could help the government in achieving their objective without causing incontinence to the common man. Pillion riding should be allowed only to those who carry their original CNIC with them and can satisfy law enforcement agencies about who they are. Pillion riders should be asked to prove their employment/business identity when stopped by law enforcement agencies. If the law enforcement agencies feels necessary, pillion riders cell numbers can be noted in a register to track them at a later stage if need be. Doctors and Fire Fighters should also be included in the list of people exempted from pillion riding ban. If Supreme Court of this country can take suo moto of sugar and samosa prices, what is stopping the courts of this country from taking notice of public grievances?


Karachi, January 29.