Political party Mustaqbil Pakistan (MP) President Sher Muhammad Gondal visited various villages here and presented his party’s objectives and vision before the villagers as part of its membership campaign.

Talking to the villagers, he said the traditional rulers being incompetent had failed to run the state affairs. “The lawlessness and other crises have paralysed the national economy. The rulers are busy promoting their own business and pile up wealth by hook or by crook. The welfare of common man is not on their agenda. Law and order situation is worsening. Bomb blasts and terrorist attacks have become order of the day. It appears that rulers with all law enforcement agencies have surrendered before extremists and terrorists,” he said.

He added, “Scourge of corruption and lack of accountability have paralysed the government institutions. The rulers instead of taking some effective measure, form committees and thus the matters of serious nature are put on back burner. People do talk over incompetence and corruption of the rulers but do not stand up to bring new competent, sincere, and honest leadership for saving the country.”

He told them that it was need of the hour that the people should get up and unite at the platform of his party to send competent persons to the national and provincial assemblies for putting the country on the road to progress and prosperity.

The MP was working to motivate honest, sincere and competent citizens to join politics to replace the incumbent persons for strengthening the country, he said. The villagers responded warmly and vowed to spread the message in their areas to motivate the people to join the party.