The PML-N leaders are now claiming that load shedding would be over in the next three years. Was it not Mian Shahbaz Sharif, who after banging on the table had said that if load shedding is not over in the next 6 months, his name could be changed? Can we ask him now, since load shedding has not reduced, what to call him? Another question is at what cost the power would be available in 2018, since there are no plans to generate cheap hydel power in the absence of KBD? If we are banking on imported fuel and coal, the power may not be affordable for the masses, as oil may not be available cheap. Our politicians are fond of making big promises but the tall claims will not be forgotten by people. You cannot fool the people all the time; let them beware of making false promises which would be accounted for on the last day of judgment.


Lahore, January 27.