I wasn’t always such a liberal pain in the neck. I used to be a regular, delusional brain and part of the problem that I now loath with all my being.But this blog entry is not about my drastic change of mental state or my struggle to write. This is about all of those people who like to prick the nerves of millions of ‘regular’ Pakistanis each day by writing things that make such people uncomfortable.But what the readers fail to comprehend is: This is not their end. You are just a means to their end and however scared you feel about their motives, you’re just helping the cause.

‘The cause’ as the readers see is to dismantle the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, destroy all our morals and morph the countrymen into alcohol abusing, womanizing and curse spewing individuals which in my opinion is a very beautiful picture. No? Better than extremist bloodshed, it is.

Let me categorize the topics that entitle a filthy liberal. They would either advocate for secular thought, individualism, freedom of expression, freedom towards religion, rights of minorities or… umm Malala. Strangely the last one just hits the nerve of our nation for some reason.

Lately, there has been a picture circulating on Pakistani social media pages, like that of Mr. Mubashir Luqman. Its text goes like this: true bravery is when our little kids in army schools still got up and went to school despite what happened and in face of threats rather than fleeing away like Malala.

 The line that really hit me was at the end: “bariaayi bahadur”. Seeing as I identify myself as a part of ‘liberal scum’, I feel an unavoidable urge to defend her.

There is a very interesting distinction to be made here: the major reason why most of the nation hates that little girl is because they feel like she betrayed Pakistan. What happened to her was staged.She couldn’t have survived that bullet to the head and she is obviously an agent. I can’t even comprehend how the last allegation works really.

What she wrote in her book basically narrated how the Taliban are working against all concepts of female education and are a threat to national security. How does that make one a foreign agent?

Is she speaking against Islam? No, she is not.

Is she saying all Pakistanis are murderers? Nope.

That leaves us with one option: maybe people of Pakistan still secretly relate to the actions of Taliban somehow and maybe misogyny is too deeply ingrained in their beings. All that girl does is speak on international forums on how she would like Pakistani women to be more educated and empowered and if that stirs some nervesthen she isn’t really a problem;her detractors are.

Now that I am done spewing this anti-venom, you now probably have a vague idea of how our liberal impulses work. We can’t help but challenge all that’s ridiculous by our standards and we really don’t care if you agree or not. Just don’t try to kill us for heaven’s sake.

In the end though, it all boils down to why the majority of Pakistani nation detest said liberals so much?

The answer is pretty simple: we are such control freaks that we can’t help but want to exterminate every single person who says things that make us uncomfortable, challenges our beliefs, is opinionated in a way that doesn’t align with our own thinking process and supports ideologies that we don’t like. Basically, we are just a violent nation that will defy everything that is slightly different than us.

Someone writes an article on morals of religion. That’s praiseworthy. Applaud. Someone writes about rights of Ahmadis: liberal scum.

Most of the fanatics don’t even have the remotest idea what the term liberal even means. It’s just a political orientation and many of the ‘liberals’ support diverse political and philosophical orientations. ‘Liberal’ is just a term associated with free thinkers for some reason. There are tons and tons of subtexts in ‘liberal’ ideologies.

The problem with people here is that they are so blatantly stubborn on thinking that they have got it all figured out that they don’t even want to give difference of opinion a single thought. If you contradict them, they feel persecuted and that is the biggest tragedy of all.