The administrative sluggishness, unpleasant behaviour of the staff, blood stained bed sheets and dirt littered wards of Kasur DHQ Hospital depicts a troublesome image of the hospital, The Nation is learnt.

According to a survey conducted by this correspondent here, residents of Kasur said that hundreds of people from across the district come to the hospital for treatment on a daily basis. They said that the patients have to wait for several hours for their turn. “Luckily, if a patient makes it to the doctor, expensive medical treatment and unaffordable tests make the poor people ‘forget’ their ordeal,” claimed a patient who introduced himself as Fahad, a resident of Khuddian Khas.

Another group of six patients pointed out that MS Dr Shafeeq was removed from his post following complaints mismanagement and corruption by the Punjab chief minister. “The posting new MS Dr Muhammad Muzaffar rekindled hopes among the disappointed public, currently the situation has turned worst from bad,” they regretted. They said that people are confronted with multifarious problems at the hospital and there is no one to mitigate sufferings of the poor patients.

According to people, the biggest problem in the hospital is that doctors prefer patients to their private clinics despite their availability in the hospital. Some patients alleged that some doctors even force the patients to their personal clinics for treatment.

They alleged that doctors and staff of the hospital are using official ambulances for their personal use, adding that the newly-appointed MS allegedly misused his power by forcing the hospital staff and paramedics to serve the influential doctors instead of providing treatment to patients in the DHQ hospital. The patients complained that there is no medical superintendent in the children ward, surgical ward and eye ward in the evening and night shifts. They claimed that some senior and dedicated doctors have become frustrated due to the worst corruption in the hospital. They said that there is no proper security arrangement at the hospital entrance while security barriers at the main gate not only cause traffic jam outside but also create difficulties for patients and their relatives on the hospital premises. Relatives of some patients claimed that sometime hospital staff does not allow them to enter the hospital but when they manage to reach the doctors, they prescribe expensive treatment and “compel them to visit their personal clinics for treatment.” Moreover, the public alleged that sometime the hospital staff appears to be “commission agent as they woo patients with false hopes” to visit private clinics of the doctors. The residents of Kasur have demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of the worst condition of the DHQ Hospital and order stern action against the officials and doctors concerned. They also demanded the chief minister to direct Kasur DCO Salman Ghani to realise his responsibilities.

This correspondent made several attempts to seek comment of the MS DHQ Hospital and the DCO but both did not attend the calls.