CHARSADDA - The faculty members and administration staff of Bacha Khan University Charsadda yesterday held the Higher Education Commission (HEC) responsible for the attack on university and asked the government to probe the horrific incident through a judicial inquiry committee.

This demand was made at a joint meeting of various faculties’ members and administration staff of the BKU. The meeting was held with Vice Chancellor Dr Fazal Rahim Marwat in the chair to review security arrangements and discuss other issue particularly re-opening of the university.

The meeting totally rejected the investigation committee’s report, which held the vice chancellor and security in-charge of the BKU responsible for security negligence. Moreover, participants of the meeting vowed to launch an agitation movement if VC Dr Fazal Rahim Marwat and security in-charge have been removed from their positions.

They said that they would expedite their agitation until stern action was taken against the government officials particularly against those who were already held responsible for committing negligence in the Dera Ismail Khan jailbreak’s case and other terrorism incidents in the province.

Soon after concluding the meeting which lasted for more than four hours, BKU’s Registrar Professor Hameedullah and Spokesman for university Saeed Khan Khalil told a news conference that they did not receive report of the government’s formed investigation committee. They said that they came to know through media that the report is ready.

They said that the HEC is responsible for the incident as the BKU had demanded provision of security grant but to no avail. They demanded the government to form a judicial inquiry committee to probe the incident.

“The BKU will remain closed until foolproof security arrangements are ensured,” they said and demanded the Interior Ministry to provide 25 well-trained guards for the security of BKU.

Rejecting the removal of VC and security in-charge as suggested in the investigation committee’s report, they threatened to launch a province-wise agitation if the government remove VC and security in-charge from the positions.