PESHAWAR - Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak said that the provincial government was initiating reforms for improving healthcare delivery system to provide people better health facilities by bringing the existing hospitals of province at par with international level.

This, he said while talking to the representatives of doctors and media men about reforms agenda of the provincial government. Secretary health, D.G Health and senior professors were present on the occasion.

Representatives of the doctors and media men pinpointed a number of problems faced by people in health sectors and put forth suggestions to overcome it.

The chief minister told the media men that government had given autonomy to teaching hospitals of the province to improve healthcare delivery system while steps were underway to standardize DHQ and THQ hospitals, which he said would take two years to be completed.  

The chief minister informed the participants that incentive package of Rs3.3 billion for of all cadres of doctors on the basis of attractive / non-attractive specialties and geographical locations had been announced in the province to ensure availability of doctors in the hospitals. 

He added that apart from appointment of 321 Medical Officers on adhoc basis, recruitment of 875 nurses had been made to ensure presence of nursing staff in health facility. 

Similarly, he said that besides upgradation of all paramedics from BS-9 to 12, BS-12 to 14 and BS-14 to 16, 1000 LHWs and more than 250 CMWs were recruited.  The Chief Minister added that requisition of 368 district specialists had been sent to public service commission. 

Similarly, he said that improvement of the service rules for district specialist and revisions of standard of staffing for all categories of hospitals were in process while adhoc doctors had been regularised. 

The chief minister told the media men that creation of Primary Care Management Committee (PCMC) for primary care facilities and Hospital Management Board (HMB) for secondary care facilities were also in process.  He informed that creations of posts for 3700 MOs and dental surgeons and 163 health managers had been approved to ensure presence of doctors in all categories of hospitals. 

He said that steps were being taken for streamlining procurement of medicines and hospital equipment. He expressed satisfaction over improvement of polio management and control through an integrated approach.  The Chief Minister elaborated that free emergency services were provided at a cost of Rs1.00 billion while insulin bank worth of Rs.25.00 has also been established.

Similarly he said the incentives for maternal health services at a cost of Rs300.00 million while incentives for immunization services worth of Rs.200 million were being provided.  He added that free treatment for critical illness at a cost of Rs500 million was also been extended to the people.

Referring to the legislation initiated for the improvement of the health sector in the province the Chief Minister said that the MTI reforms Act 2015, Health Foundation Act, Health Care Commission Act (Health Regulatory Authority Act), Food Safety Authority Act, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Human Organ & Transplantation Act, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Injured Persons (Medical Aid) Act, Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU), Social Health Protection Initiatives in Four Districts, had been passed.

The chief minister informed that reforms had been initiated for decentralization of both financial and administrative powers of the Post Graduate Medical Training. He clarified that the PGMI reforms were aimed at strengthening an institution through devolution.

He on this occasion ordered steps for arranging 12 hours OPD and 24 hours lab services at teaching hospitals of the province.  He also ordered bringing uniformity in regulations of MTIs and arranging payment of stipends to 200 TMOs. 

He also ordered arranging of special venue for media at teaching hospitals to cover incidents easily. Similarly he also ordered arranging lists of the items stored in hospitals of the province.  

Meanwhile Joint declaration of Doctor’s / Health community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has appreciated the government’s efforts for investment in health care services, Human Resource Development and provision of incentives for the health care providers.

The declaration also lauded government for the promulgation of MTI Act 2015, and hoped that the step would enhance Human Resource development and health care services.

The joint declaration demanded improved pay package for Trainee Medical Officers, House Officers and teaching cadres and improvement of the service structure for general cadre doctors as well.  The declaration endorsed the efforts of current provincial government.  The declaration was signed by the representatives of PDA, YDA, MOs, KTH doctors union and Union of the Teaching Staff in Peshawar today.