A section of Urdu Press (Nawa-i-Waqt of 18-12-15) has reported that the South Korean Ambassador has said in a meeting of Pakistan Society of Development Economics that South Korea had an income of 91 $ in 1961 being a poor country but the per capita income increased to 28 thousand $ in 2014.

This was attributed to miracle of River ”Hun”. The Ambassador said that he dreamed that a similar miracle would happen due to River Indus. What he meant was water and power development based on river Indus. Alas Pakistan has frittered away the possibility of a miracle in Pakistan due to lack of use of our potential of River Indus. The lack of any water storage project and power generation on River Indus which is pending since past 40 years due to inter provincial bickering on which planning and Development Division has no control inspite of their intellectual capital because of dirty politics.

A former Prime minister had said that Kalabagh Dam on Indus was made a victim of politics. The 60 thousand MW power potential of hydel energy is lying dormant and only 6 ½ thousand MW of power is generated on our rivers. So the miracle of river Indus cannot happen in Pakistan till a South Korea company is given the task of ushering a miracle in Pakistan to get it out of poverty cycle.


Lahore, December 21.