ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Twenty20 captain Shahid Afridi has said the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a huge opportunity for players and beneficial for Pakistan cricket.

"Many youngsters getting a chance, it is a place where you can perform, there is an opportunity for me as well as sharing my experience with youngsters," Afridi said in an interview with 'The National' Abu Dhabi based newspaper on Monday.

"You can really put yourself out there in front of the world, make a name for yourself in international cricket. Availing it will depend on the player, how strong he is, how capable he is," he said.

"The environment of such a league, when you hang out with great players from around the world, when a young guy goes there, he has these great facilities, shares a dressing room with great players and coaches, makes a huge difference," Afridi said.

"New guys, new talent could have gotten opportunities there. They would have learnt a lot and financially it would really have helped them out. "They would've improved playing in tough situations, playing more cricket under pressure, with massive crowds backing them or jeering them, that makes a player. That’s why the PSL is such a huge opportunity. I think the cricket board deserves a lot of credit for putting this together,” he added.

"It should have happened a long time ago, but better late than never. The talent that we already have right now, this is a chance for them to really develop," he added.

About hosting the PSL in Pakistan, Afridi said: “The thing is, I really wanted for the PSL to be held in Pakistan, for Pakistan's talent, for their improvement. If the PSL happens there, it would have been good. But the PCB took a decision and there must be some reason behind it. I hope it will eventually come back to Pakistan. I really want it to succeed but am 50-50 about crowds turning up. People work in the UAE, they have jobs so it won't be easy. They may come for the evening games."

"Obviously, as captain of Pakistan's T20 side, and Peshawar Zalmi captain, it is a huge opportunity for me too. I know a lot of people will be watching the PSL, keeping an eye on players. It is huge, a matter of my country's honour. I just want it to succeed," he concluded.