Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said he will start a countrywide protest against government from February 6. “It will spread and can reach D-Chowk” he said. “Democratic dictatorship is worse than Military dictatorship”.

While addressing a press conference the PTI chairman said the government is getting huge profits from petrol prices. “The reduction in oil prices is not being passed on to the masses, especially the farmers,” he said. “The agriculture sector is in its worst condition in the history of Pakistan. One of the reasons is the high diesel price, which should be Rs 38”.

Khan further criticized the Orange Line Metro Train project. He said it costs too much and would negatively impact the citizens of Lahore. “Government has taken Rs200 billion loan for the project and it is being constructed over the poor masses,” he said.

“The people who have nothing to eat or wear, their houses are being destroyed just to save the house of a minister. Hospitals, even in Lahore, are without medicines and basic facilities. They are not being developed as all the budget has been diverted to the Orange Line Project.”

While answering a question he pointed out that company that has been given the tender of this project is merely three years old. “This company does not have any proven record and they were asked to build the Azadi flyover. It is a lot costlier than the Peshawar flyover despite the fact that both have the same length,” the PTI chief claimed.

“The poor people are being burdened by more taxes, while the rich are given the Amnesty International Scheme.”