The Tajirs are out on the roads, they still have nightmares about the dreaded ‘bhatha’ that they had to keep dishing out through their nose, some even had their places of business burnt down for not paying up, many have taken their business abroad.

The civil society is up in arms, they have had enough, they will not tolerate more, more of car snatching, more of mobile phone snatching, and worse.

Even ‘bakra eid’ had become a day of terror for them, a bullet wrapped in a piece of paper with an exorbitant amount written on it.

No Sir, the people of Karachi are fed up to their teeth and will do anything to save their new found freedom from fear.

I had no idea that the Jehadis had become so well organised and so well armed that they had a whole city shivering before them.


Lahore, December 14.