Water shortage has become a very serious problem in Karachi these days. Karachiites have been facing this problem from a very long time now. As the government has shown no interest in resolving this long lasting issue , people are left with no option but to buy water and that too at exorbitant price. Citizens have been left at the mercy of tanker mafia who are fleecing consumers by charging thousands of rupees per visit from every household. How can a person who has an income of hardly Rs.10,000 can afford this per week? The city’s water authorities say they do not have enough water to supply but after extra payment they are willing to supply water via tankers.

If today more dams were available, all the floodwater could have been restored and ultimately used for irrigation. Almost every year a huge amount of water wasted in the sea because of non-availability of dams in our country and political parties and landlords never agreed to create more dams for water preservation. if our political governments will not take immediate measures to tackle the shortage of water problem by building new dams in all provinces in near future we could face a huge amount of water shortage.


Karachi, December 12.