LOS ANGELES-Lady GaGa is the new face of Tiffany and Co and stars in their new Legendary Style campaign for their Tiffany Hardwear collection, which will preview next month. The 30-year-old singer has been announced as the latest star to feature in the luxury designer brands Legendary Style campaign for their new jewellery collection Tiffany Hardwear, and the musician is ‘’honoured’’ to be able to collaborate with the brand.

Alongside an image of the blonde beauty from the shoot that captures her peering into a mirror, which has been edited with a black and white filter, and has been shared on her Instagram account, she wrote: ‘’I am honored to be a part of the @TiffanyAndCo family, just one lady in a long line of generations of women. We are not only proud to receive jewelry as a gift, but to know the glamour of being strong, ambitious, and creative in how we love ourselves...turning our problems into platinum. (sic).’’

The ‘Born This Way’ hitmaker will star in a 60-second short video in the commercial, which will air during her Super Bowl half-time set on Sunday (05.02.17), and this will mark the first time the company has created a clip and showcased it in this way.

Lady Gaga has praised the brand as being ‘’the best’’ accessories label and has hinted it is what best represents America. She said: ‘’In New York, you’re born knowing that Tiffany is the best, and that it is where the magic happens. The Brand is definitive and iconic, yet continues to push and evolve with the times. To me, Tiffany represents timeless American jewellery.’’ Although customers will view the short video, which was shot by David Sims, this week, they will have to wait one month to be able to purchase the highly-coveted designs on May 2 online and April 28 in store.