You have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. Inappropriate behaviour can be something as “immaterial” as being called a slur. It is anything that makes a young lady, or kid, feel uncomfortable about her sexuality. This type of behaviour is a developing issue in administration organisations, schools and partnerships all over the world. Numerous companies are currently receiving new arrangements against provocation which includes touching, looks, comments, or signals 

Numerous females who have been harassed confront directors who give them the ‘young men will be young men’ reaction. This urges females to think that sexual harassment is alright in today’s general public thus affecting their self-regard and self-esteem. 

Notwithstanding that confinement that ladies ought to be dressed a specific way so they would not bring about the fascination is destructive. It is told that ladies ought to cover all aspects of their bodies barring the face and hands, their dresses ought to never be tight, short, or too long to stroll with but better than average shading and tolerable adornments that do not bring clamour. In this manner the nation would not accomplish any change towards eradicating this issue. 

When a female does not take action against inappropriate behaviour, not just does it contrarily influence her as an individual but it also gives others the possibility that it is acceptable to be dealt with. Overlooking this negative behaviour toward young ladies effects the on a mental and physical level, and may encourage young men to become attackers. It is time for the ladies to speak up. 


Islamabad, January 2.