Islamabad - Islamabad police on Thursday raided a distillery in capital’s slum area which led to the recovery of a huge quantity of liquor, according to the police.

On a tip off, IGP Islamabad Sultan Azam Taimuri asked SSP Najeeb ur Rehman Bagvi to conduct a raid at a distillery in the slum area. He assigned the task to SP Saddar Amir Khan Niazi to do the job. The SP constituted a team which carried out a raid at the bogus liquor factory located at Meera Baadi being run by bootlegger Malik Yasir. The police team recovered 800 liters of brewed alcohol, 126 bottles of alcohol including 30 bottles of fake vodka, 64 bottles of whisky, 32 bottles of dry jinn and other chemicals used for brewing alcohol. Labels of different brands of alcohol, corks and other material used in the manufacturing process were also recovered. Three accused were arrested and the police registered an FIR under section 3/4 of narcotics control act against them. The nabbed persons have been identified as Gulzar Masih, Waqar and Qadeer.

 Meanwhile CIA police arrested an accused Ali and recovered 1300 gram hashish from his posession. Karachi Company police apprehended Amir Shahzad and Adil Manzoor and recovered a total of 230 gram heroine from them. Lohi Bher police arrested Umer Farooq and recovered 320 gram Hashish from him. Sabzi Mandi police arrested Hamza and recovered one dagger from him. SSP Islamabad Najeeb ur Rehman Bugvi has appreciated this performance and directed all the police officials for effective policing measures in their respective areas.