HYDERABAD - Viral infections are the most common cause of fever in children in Pakistan. These are usually associated with runny nose, cough and sneezing. Children can also have associated vomiting and diarrhea.

Talking to APP here on Thursday, Eminent physician Professor Dr Akram Munir has said that the good thing about viral infections is that patients take their time and go away, and do not do any long term damage to the child and the bad thing is that we do not have a medicine which kills the virus right then and there (except for some medicines when the child has influenza). So we are stuck with these viral infections until they run their course, added.

Dr Akram Munir said that the winter is like a break from long days of summer and one finally get an opportunity to chill out in foggy winter nights and enjoy each and every moment of it. He said that winter are welcoming by everyone but on the other side cold in winters brings with it a host of illnesses that seems to affect almost every household, especially children are more vulnerable towards the disease and are more likely to affect by such illnesses added.

Dr Akram Munir said that the influenza is normally seasonal flu, but could be more complicated and even life threatening.

He said that influenza is a more stern disease than a common cold. Flu if not treated properly can lead to Pneumonia that can be fatal. He said that Influenza is an infectious disease caused by viral infection and can be transmitted from one person to another via coughing and sneezing. The common symptoms of Influenza are chills, fever, headache, sore throat, muscle pains, fever, nausea and fatigue.

Dr Akram Munir further informed that the children are more prone towards getting common cold and frequency of getting flu is usually six to ten times in a year and mostly common in winters and the  higher frequency of cold in winter months is due to low humidity, dryness thus developing conditions that can help spreading viruses, added.

He said that the symptoms are usually sneezing, coughing, runny nose and sore throat. Mild fever is also experienced some times. In such case common recommendations are to take lot of fluids but if a child develops high grade fever, added.

Dr Akram Munir further informed about the common child disease “sinusitis “is the inflammation of the sinuses caused by virus, bacteria or fungus. It can also be the result of an allergic or autoimmune reaction.

He said that common symptoms of sinuitis are cough, chest discomfort, headaches and difficulty in breathing. Lot of rests and fluids are recommended in such conditions, especially use of steam vaporizers for the children to make it easy for them to breathe. Do consult your doctor if the symptoms persist, added.

Dr Akram Munir said that the victims of poor medical care are those who have to rely on government hospitals, which are overcrowded, short staffed and have meager funds to provide for medicines and health supplies.

He said that lack of attention to water, sanitation and hygiene issues is the single major source of backwardness of our country and poor drinking water quality, quantity, sanitation and hygienic conditions cause illness of the adults and children’s.

He said that when choosing an antibiotic, doctors try to predict which type of bacteria is likely to be the cause and the doctor often changes the antibiotic later if the type of bacteria is identified and its susceptibility to various antibiotics becomes known.