The convicted Indian spy kulbhushan Jadhav is a serving officer of Indian Navy , an information which is known in Pakistan but the same has been now confirmed by a top Indian magazine, Frontline. 

Another story having similarities with this article was published by another Indian magazine, The Quint but was pressurized so much that it had to retract the story. 

According to an article published in the magazine, writer Praveen Swami stated that Indian has started a covert war against Pakistan. "Ever since 2013, India has secretly built up a covert action programme against Pakistan, Led by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, and now by Research and Analysis Wing’s (RAW) Anil Dhasmana, the programme has registered unprecedented success, But the story of the man on death row illustrates that this secret war is not risk-free. Lapses in tradecraft and judgment, inevitable parts of any human enterprise, can inflict harm far greater than the good they seek to secure," he writes. 

While writing about Jadhav, Swami further mention that Jadhav joined Indian Navy in 1987. "Inducted into the Navy in 1987, with the service number 41558Z, Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav would likely have been promoted to the rank of commander after 13 years of service, in 2000," he said. 

The writer, however, mentioned that record after 2000 regarding Jadhav has been removed by Indian Defence Ministry. 

"But the digital archive of the Gazette of India, a public document, has removed all files relating to the Defence Ministry for several months in 2000. Files in subsequent years bear no record of Jadhav’s retirement," he wrote. 

Swami further wrote that in response of his queries and letters, the ministry neither accepted neither denied regarding service of Jadhav. "In response to a written question from this writer, the Naval Headquarters declined to confirm or deny whether Jadhav was a serving naval officer," Swami stated. 

The Article also said that Jadhav volunteered for spying. Few sign up for these kinds of dangers,” recalls a senior intelligence official who met Jadhav on one occasion. “His was a choice of exceptional courage.”

Jadhav initially worked for Indian Naval intelligence but moved to RAW in 2010 where he did face opposition in start.

"Anand Arni, the head of RAW’s Pakistan desk, shot down proposals for Jadhav to work with the organisation."

After the appointment Jahdav was given passport (E6934766) which showed him resident of Pune and identified him as Hussain Mubarak Patel. 

"The Pune passport office records show the passport was earlier held by another individual, but the files contain no address. The Indian government has offered no explanation of how this passport was obtained by Jadhav," the magazine mentioned.