ISLAMABAD - Rejecting the KP government’s allegations that the centre was creating hurdles in the way of executing its energy projects, Federal Minister for Power Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari has said that although the province had initiated small projects, far it has neither officially conveyed nor asked for NOCs for these projects.

The minister said that the sale-purchase of any energy project or its connection to the national grid requires a proper plan which is missing in the KP hydro projects.

He said that some of the KP projects are in far-flung areas, where no transmission line exists and for laying the transmission lines is not economically viable, as it costs more than what is the cost of these projects.  

Leghari said that in the past, the KP government has claimed that it will establish small hydro power schemes to cater to the energy demand of the local population. “Why they are now insisting on connecting them to the national grid despite the fact that it is not economical viable to connect them to the national grid.

He questioned that despite their tall claims of building projects of thousands of megawatts, why the KP government stopped at only 75MWs.

The minister said that whether the provincial government should not be blamed for ill-planning as it has so far failed to construct supply infrastructure for the local energy consumers.

The CCI had already approved policy that the provincial governments can develop their own power distribution system.

He said that the federal government has been supporting to build hydel power projects in KP that include under construction 870MWs Suki Kinari hydropower projects and 1410MWs Tarbela-4. Besides, he said, there are other small projects generating electricity, including Dubair Khwar, Allai Khwar and Dasu Hydropower project of 4000MWs capacity in KP.

As there was a need for short-term projects to get more energy, so we had to construct projects near to load centre and therefore LNG–based projects were built in Punjab, he added. However, he said after the renewable energy plants, including hydel projects, commence power generation, dependence on other projects would be reduced.

“We had discussed with all provinces in 2013 for making a National Electricity Policy and we had also taken approval from the CCI.

Currently, we are also working on a new national electricity policy and national electricity plan. Unfortunately, the people who are blaming us not taking these meetings serious and sending their junior officials for attending the meetings,” he added.

The energy projects that are being constructed by the KP government are all small and none of them is above 40MWs of capacity. Instead of sending their generation to the national grid, it should be provided to the local DISCO, he added.

H esaid that Pehur Hydropower project of 18MWs that has been built in 2010 is supplying electricity to the PESCO. He said that another 17MWs Ranolya Hydel power scheme has recently completed and NTDC transmission line has reached there, Daral Khwar project of 36MWs is not yet completed as PESCO has made arrangements for evacuation of power from it and A 2.6MWs Machai Khwar Power project has been connected to the PESCO’s grid.