In the Pakistan today there is a lot of poverty. There is a great divide between the Pakistan’s rich and poor people. In the Pakistan today there are also rich people but the number of poor peoples out number them.

There are many reasons as to why there is poverty in the Pakistan. Being a poor person can mean that you do not have enough food to eat for months, or even years and not just for a few hours or few days.

Poverty can also mean not having enough money to be able to pay for lives necessities such as clothes, food, a place to live or even medicine that you may need when you ill. Poverty is not natural, but being created by all of us. Because of the electing bad governance, and giving the excuties power in the country. Now a days the atrocities with the children due to the neglect of governments.

Hazrat Umar RA told “ Being torture with the Innocent in the country the excuties government is second accused.” I regretted about the system of Pakistan and their government. So know we have to be change, nothing change unless we will not be change.

We want better then nothing better, unless we do better. If we want to change, then change otherwise nothing change. So the best way of changing is first we have to be change, otherwise nothing will change.

If we want to really change then we have to raise voice against bad governance.


Hyderabad, January 15.