ISLAMABAD: Private Schools Association’s joint action committee on Thursday protested decision of shifting private schools from residential areas in Rawalpindi cantonment, declaring it as a biased policy against educational institutions not being run by armed forces.

In a media briefing held here, representative of the joint action committee Abrar Ahmed said that Military Estate Officer in cantonment areas had served notices on private schools in cantonment areas to shift the institutions till 25th of previous month. He said that the notices were served after Supreme Court issued the orders in a case between two parties and gave relief to a resident and directed to shift the schools from residential areas.  He said that a case between two individuals as being used as a ground for shifting scores of private schools established in cantonment areas.

Abrar said that in 45 cantonments of the country, above 30,000 schools were running in private capacity in which more than 40 million students were studying. He said that the notices were served on January 12 with the deadline of ending lease till January 25, which, he said, was impossible for implementation of the decision.

The notification issued in the specific case said that “Whereas the above said property is being used as educational institution in violation of terms and conditions of the lease, which was given purely for residential purposes, in the light of the Judgment of the SC, the competent authority approved cancellation of lease of the subject property with immediate effect. In compliance with above orders, the Ministry of Defence hereby directed to vacate the property in question within 15 days of issuance of the letter, while in cause of failure, the possession shall be taken over by agency of this office at your risk and cost”. –Staff Reporter

He added that discrimination was being held against private schools as other commercial activities and businesses were not being stopped by the estate officers.

The JAC pleaded to the high officials and authorities to intervene and solve the matter and stop shifting of schools on emergency basis.