Islamabad: Owners of private schools on Thursday held a protest demonstration against the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority for adopting ‘discriminatory policies’ against them.

The protestors while terming the PIERA a hub of corruption said that the department had failed in resolving the problems of private schools in the city. The protestors while stressing implementation of court orders regarding registration of the private schools demanded from National Accountability Bureau to probe into the matters of PIERA.

The private schools’ owners alleged that PIERA was not renewing their registration and had declared thousands of their regular students as private candidates for annual exams. The protestors from Private Schools Network alleged that the PIERA administration was playing with the future of 90,000 students studying in private set ups only to save their corruption. President PSN Afzal Babar while addressing the participants said that the PIERA due to its grudge and lust for monetary benefits from private schools was not implementing Islamabad High Court (IHC) decision in this regard. He said that registration of private schools must be renewed according to the PEIRA rules 2016.

He alleged that due to the PIERA negligence, students of 5th grade enrolled in private schools were being issued roll number slips as private candidates.

Afzal Babar said that printed roll number slips of regular candidates were cancelled by the PIERA and now thousands of candidates were being issued new roll number slips as private candidates.

He said that the anti-education policies of PIERA would be resisted on all forums and the protest would be spread to every union council of the city.

The protestors also said that the appointment of PIERA chairman should be made according to the policy of 015 in which all stake holders were involved. Afzal Babar said that nearly 25,000 students of 5th grade enrolled in private schools would appear in exams to be started from February 7 as private candidates.Staff Reporter