Islamabad - Around a dozen students were injured at University of Quaid-i-Azam after members of two student councils clashed outside the girls’ hostel at campus, an official said on Thursday.

The incident occurred at the main block of social sciences where a group of Pakhtoon Student Council attacked the members of Punjab Student Council to avenge the beating of former council’s member.

Two students received head and arm injuries while four vehicles were damaged.

“A group of armed PKSC was waiting outside for the end of examination. They attacked the PSC students with batons and rods and also smashed their vehicles,” source said.

The situation went out of control and the police were called to neutralize and end the clash.

Meanwhile, the injured students were shifted to Federal Government Services Hospital. All the students were discharged after receiving first aid from the hospital.

Source said that the larger incident was to avenge the clash that occurred on Wednesday night when PKSC members were subjected to violence for stopping a group of drunk PSC students at Karachi Huts from creating ruckus at campus.

“PKSCs two members’ impugned PSC associates for heading towards Girls Hostel-5 in a drunken state, leading to a violent clash and injury of a PKSC student,” said source.

Sources added that the administration was aware of the backlash but took no preventive measures to stop the incident. They only intervened when the damage was done.

Sources also added that tensions had been brewing since last week.

The situation had deteriorated when the same group had created disturbance on campus by breaking the gate of hostel-5, and playing loud music in car.

When the security guard tried to stop the boys also beat him.

Sources said that the incident created a rift between the two student groups. It was reported that PKSC council considers PSC students responsible for bringing a bad name to the institution and causing insecurity among the female students.

Source added that on Thursday, PKSC students yelled at PSC members that females from their community are also residing at Hostel-5.

Two vehicles, one with the number LEA-4666, driven by boys who are allegedly always drunk often creates trouble inside the campus, said sources.

“Boys played music and few females hooted from inside which turned the situation out of control from the administration and guard had to pay the price,” said source.

However, the administration visited the Girls Hostel after the incident and assured tight security measures including shifting of gymnasium gate to the back.

They also warned of strict disciplinary action against students violating the code of conduct.

 “The university administration has a loose grip on the affairs since it was not the first time the male students broke the gate of girl’s hostel,” source said.

The faculty members have also asked repeatedly to the university administration to take strict action for assuring the girls hostel security but  nothing has been done except increase of patrolling in the university, source said.

Names of the injured students include Bilal Saleem, Shakeel Ahmed, Sajjad Ali, Ahmed Ali, Babar Ali, Ali Saud, Adil, Zeeshan Amrat, Ismail, jibran, Haider Ali and Mehmood.

Spokesperson Polyclinic hospital Dr. Sharif Astori said that majority patients received minor injuries while one student’s arm was fractured.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Javed Ashraf talking to The Nation said that he is trying to get details of the incident and why it occurred.

The VC was asked to contact the Resident Officer QAU Gul Majeed for further details but the official didn’t respond despite repeated attempts.