President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US forces out of the Syrian conflict took the allies and foes by storm.

President Trump’s decision has caused a lot of anxiety amongst the US allies. They fear that the vacuum created by the US leaving would most likely give space for Iran and Russia to intervene in the region, leaving the US Kurdish allies at the mercy of Turkey, who view Kurdish forces as an eminent threat to her stability and integrity.

Pulling the US forces out from Syria was an election promise made by President Trump, who believes that US intervention outside the US should end. By acting on the promise and considering the US presence in Syria having no financial and strategic value, Trump is sure to leave.

President Trump’s twitter diplomacy has not only marred his working relations abroad but also at home. The distrust is vivid between Pentagon and the administration as indicated by Secretary of Defense, James Mattis’ resignation and the recent rounds of visits to the Middle East by the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to get allies in confidence over the US pulling out.

President Trump’s rash decisions have resulted in a lot of criticism from lawmakers and the security experts, who want coherent policy with allies on board, as to secure maximum benefit for the US and allies equally.


Larkana, January 16.