In October, 2016. Riots erupted in northwest region of Myanmar in which, Armed forces and Police of the state along with Buddhist extremist attacked Muslims majority area known as Rohingya. Those state backed riots unveiled the face of Myanmar govt. for committing atrocities and oppression against Muslims community. Oppression, Rapes, Violence and genocide reported and confirmed by, Amnesty International, United Nations, America and other world institutes and organizations.

A study in 2018, reported that approximately, 24000+ rohanigyn Muslims murdered and 18000+ women raped and 36000 Muslims burnt alive by Buddhist terrorists along with Myanmar military.

On 11 December, Myanmar’s Prime Minister Aung San Suu appeared in ICJ to counter the allegations of genocide of Rohanigyn Muslims, submitted by Gambian govt. That humiliation of Myanmar remind me the incident of Muslim genocide of Gujrat in 2002, leaded by the current sitting Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

2002, Narendra Modi, Famous for having anti Muslim sentiments, were the Chief Minister of Gujrat and also accused to lead and incite the radical Hindus to attack Muslims majority areas of Gujrat which caused, 2000 deaths, massive rapes and destruction of Muslim’s property. Recently fascist Govt. of India conferred clean chit to Narendra Modi on Muslim’s genocide in Gujrat.

Pakistan must have to move forward to ICJ to file case against Modi and bring the atrocities against Muslims into light. Legal action against Modi will unveil the real faces of radical Hindu party, RSS and Modi. Govt. of Pakistan must take action like govt. of Gambia did.