ISLAMABAD-The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is going to start approving building plans in private housing societies with cancelled NOCs to facilitate the general public at large.

CDA approves layout plans of private housing societies and subsequently issues them NOCs. However, such approvals in the case of some housing societies had been withdrawn by the civic authority at a later stage due to the violations committed by the sponsors of these housing societies.

The city managers considered such housing societies as unauthorised and illegal and general public having plots in these housing societies were deprived from their right to get approval for their building plans to construct houses and commercial buildings.

Unfortunately, CDA remained unsuccessful to implement its building bylaws outside the territorial limits of sectoral areas since its creation and its building control directorate was only dealing with the buildings situated within the sectors.

However, few years ago a separate directorate of building control-II was established to enforce building bylaw outside the sectoral areas but only in legal housing societies. Resultantly, a large number of plot owners having properties in those housing societies, which were once issued NOC by CDA, were also deprived from their right to construct a house after getting proper approval from the city managers.

Some of the plot owners contacted the high-ups of CDA and also some other forums.

They pleaded that they have purchased their plots in these housing societies when they have the required NOCs but same were withdrawn later on due to the breach of the agreed terms and conditions on part of the sponsors of such projects.

They were of the view that how they can be declared as illegal plot owner as they purchased plots according to approved layout plans of these societies.

The CDA board discussed the matter and approved that the interest of general public/allottees shall be secured and in case of default of the sponsors, the individual allottees or members of the scheme shall be extended the approval for the construction of their house according to approved layout plan even if the same has been withdrawn by the authority.

The board had decided that in case of default, the penalty or recovery shall be imposed on the sponsors of the housing societies instead of the members or allottees.

Director Building Control-II Khalid Mahmood Asif confirmed that they are going to start approving building plans in cancelled housing schemes, however, when questioned about the exact number of such housing schemes, he replied: “We did not receive the complete list so far as it pertains to the directorate of housing societies.”

On the other side, when contacted, the Director Public Information informed that according to the data shared by the directorate of housing societies, a total of eight societies would get benefit of the said decision as the NOC of Soan Garden, Interior Housing Scheme and RP Housing Scheme have been cancelled while the layout plans of Jinnah Garden-I, Grace Valley, AGOCHS-I, Khayaban-e-Kashmir extension and Pakistan Medical Housing Scheme, E11 have also been cancelled.