I would like to communicate my views on higher education to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Federal and provincial ministers of education and readers in general. Higher education is provided in the higher undergraduate and postgraduate classes in our colleges and Universities. The importance of education in these classes has increased with time in view of our need to study the advance Sciences, arts and professional subjects. The advanced sciences arts and professional subjects now contain parts of the courses of study in the advanced and developing countries. The courses of study in the higher classes in our country must contain the latest theories, ideas and achievements of scientists, scholars, researchers and writers all over the world. This makes our courses really Complex and varied. Higher education cannot be imparted by ordinary instructors and teacher now. It demands highly qualified teachers and men of learning to instruct students whose mental horizone has to be broadened.

Their understanding has to be raised to the level of latest researches in subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry, philosophy, language and Mass Communication. Higher education is at once related to our progress in industry, commerce, application of science to life, long, government, International relations, and so on. It is very important to note that the quality of our advanced studies depends directly on our school and intermediate studies taught the basic school and Intermediate education needs to be straightened and standardized for obtaining higher education in the true sense.