LAHORE             -                 The services of the minorities’ communities and their notable personalities for the nation were highlighted and acknowledged at a consultation organised by the Youth Development Foundation (YDF) at a local hotel on Saturday.

The consultation attended by representatives of different faiths was focused on the idea of creating an environment where people feel themselves safe, secure and eligible to avail their rights without any discrimination. The consultation was one of the many planned to seek suggestions for the proposed interfaith harmony policy in Punjab.

Shahid Rehmat from YDF said the hospitals and educational facilities set up by the followers of the Hindu and Christian faiths are serving masses regardless of religion, caste and creed. He said there was need to highlight the services of the minorities in nation building and for the welfare of its citizens so that the distances between different faiths could be removed. “They must start treating each other with respect for being equal and fellow Pakistanis.”

Amarnath Randhawa from Samaj Seva Organisation pointed out that missionary schools are providing best education here at nominal class and even outshine elite private institutions in terms of quality. Hospitals in the name of Ganga Ram, Gulab Devi etc are living examples of how Hindu philanthropist have served the humanity and set examples for others to follow.

It was also pointed out that the first heart surgery in Pakistan was carried out at the United Christian Hotel (UCH) which is praiseworthy.

The UCH was established by Pakistani Christians on an emergency basis to treat the ailing and wounded Muslims coming from the other side of the border at the time of partition of the sub-continent. Many Hindu doctors had migrated to India which had created a shortage of doctors in the newly founded country.