PESHAWAR Different prisons in NWFP and FATA have become a breeding ground for Taliban and Al-Qaeda manipulators who are pushing their flawed ideology. Security officials believe that jails as well as detention centres, where thousands of terror suspects are being kept, have become a haven for terrorists where they advocate their ideas. A little known group of Takfiris, the most feared of all terrorists, is also using these facilities for recruitment, former prisoners and police sources said. Prisons are full of children, illiterate, semi-literate, and straight-forward people who are easy prey for terrorists, said an intelligence official while talking to TheNation. We have high profile terrorists, commanders, Taliban foot soldiers, preachers, would-be suicide bombers, etc, apprehended during the course of the conflict, who have access to almost everyone in prisons. The irony is that many religion-loving inmates see them as a role model, an official said. Many terror suspects enjoy great respect and admiration in prisons where they are consulted to settle issues and their verdict is accepted happily. They are educating inmates while focusing on newcomers and they will soon become radicalised and justify mass killings. They consider police and security forces as infidels and encourage others to launch suicide operations against them to find a shortcut to paradise. Yard birds are encouraged to grow a beard, dress and think like them. The dangerous ideology cannot be allowed to flourish under the nose of the law enforcers. We must counter the brainwashing carried out openly. There is a need to keep terror suspects segregated from the low-threat detainees so that they are not influenced by terrorists, said one source. Many die-hard terrorists have been released because they were detained under false names, said an official, adding that no serious effort was undertaken to ascertain real identities of these loyalists. It may merit to mention here that there are 2400 convicted and under-trial prisoners, including 300 juveniles in Peshawar Central Jail, in which the number of terror suspects run in hundreds. It cannot be determined as to how many inmates have been converted into terrorists after indoctrination in the prisons. However, the number may run into hundreds, said an official adding that the strategy to tackle terrorism should be altered. Counter ideology, stressing on the fact that Islam cannot be glorified by acts of terror, is the need of the hour. Unfortunately, we are only focused on pursuit, arrest, trial and punishment of anyone involved in heinous attacks. No concerned official was available for an official comment despite repeated attempts.