SADIQABAD - A PML-N leader claimed that his party was making an all-out effort to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan but the PPP-led federal government wanted to sabotage the N League’s endeavours.  “The allied parties’ leaders in the government are doing what they want and looting the national institutions by misusing their powers,” Mian Amir Shahbaz said while meeting with the people hailing from various villages and cities at the party’s Public Secretariat situated on the Club Road in Rahim Yar Khan. “The PML-N will not hesitate to render any sacrifice for prosperity, stability and development of the country.” According to historical figures, he maintained, the people of the Subcontinent gathered under the flag of the Muslim League and rendered numerous sacrifices for the establishment of Pakistan under the charismatic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam. But unfortunately, he regretted, the rulers started putting a burden of dearness on the people, continued looting national exchequer and tried to damage integrity of Pakistan. He claimed, during his party’s two governments, Nawaz Sharif upheld the national dignity at the international level and addressed the people’s grievances while the country made the great strides in all sectors.”

He appealed to the people to trust in his leadership and join the party in order to steer the country out of crises and to put her on the way of prosperity. He sought their help also to ensure real democracy, strengthen democratic institutions in the country and to take revolutionary steps for ensuring prosperity.