WAZIRABAD - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Vice President Dr Babar Awan has said that the government has successfully tackled various challenges confronted the country and has established the government writ despite the fact that it has not been allowed to work freely. He said that the PPP will form next government in Punjab after securing a thumping victory in elections. Babar Awan also ruled out even the remotest chances of snap-polls, saying the government will complete its Constitutional term.

He expressed the views while addressing a press conference at the residence of PPP local leader Ijaz Ahmad Samma here at Wazirabad.

Babar Awan lashed out at the Punjab government, saying that the rulers in Punjab had gone into hiding and had left the masses at the mercy of criminals. “The rulers in Punjab have harmed the province more than Karak Singh and we will hold them accountable if the masses provided such an opportunity to the PPP”, he claimed. The PPP stalwart argued that the PML-N could not bear the pressure of heavy mandate in 1997. Conversely the PPP, having only 125 seats in the National Assembly, has promoted the politics of reconciliation”, he drew a comparison.

Babar Awan said that the Punjab government had failed to hold local bodies elections which was the real base for democracy and even refraining from holding by-election of AJK Assembly in Lahore.  He pointed out that when the PPP came to power Swat had been taken hostage. There was neither national Anthem nor national flag in Balochistan.

 “We established the government writ in the entire country”, he claimed and added that the PPP government withdrew Army from Balochistan and sent civil paramilitary to help and assist the Balochistan government. The PPP vice president declared that the country’s future linked with democracy.

This is for the first time in 63 years history of Pakistan that there is no political prisoner in the country as the PPP is a political, democratic, federal and parliamentary party which can save the federation”, he elaborated and asked the party workers to be united. The PPP will win the next elections and form government in Punjab as well,” Babar Awan claimed and announced that Ijaz Ahmad Samma would be member of the Punjab Cabinet when it will form government in the province. “It was ZA Bhutto who gave the gift of nuclear technology to Pakistan although there is a number of biggest and richest Muslim countries in World, no can dare to be a nuclear state,” he argued.