LAHORE - Former Punjab minister Abdul Aleem Khan who is at distance from PML-Q leadership since long, has finally tendered resignation from the party and is expected to join the PTI.

Aleem on Sunday resigned from PML-Q, overtly differences with the party’s top leadership for joining hands with PPP thus betraying the mandate given to the party by the masses in the elections of 2008. However, close circles of former provincial minister told this scribe that Aleem keeping in view the bleak future of the PML-Q, especially in the provincial capital was considering various options regarding his political future. They said that Aleem who was not sure of getting PML-N ticket from the provincial metropolis, had decided to join the PTI, as there was no base of PML-Q in Lahore. However, keeping in view the possibilities of PTI’s potential to upset the mainstream candidates, Aleem would join Imran Khan. Meanwhile, former provincial minister said that PML-Q had joined hands with PPP and had decided to contest next polls as a partner of the PPP, which was a clear violation of the mandate of the masses given to his former party by the masses in 2008 elections.