LAHORE  - PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that a committee has started investigating into the assets of party members and the corrupt elements will not be allotted party tickets for the elections.

In an interview on Sunday, he said that PTI will prepare plans that will benefit the general public and our first preference will be to bring the looted money back from the corrupt politicians.

Answering a question, Imran Khan said he wanted to see Pakistan as a welfare state where poor masses enjoy justice, health and education. He added he has promised to bring together the best team, for handling the crisis.

He said PTI’s shadow cabinet has started preparing paperwork for the betterment of government institutions. In a reply to a question about old faces joining the party, he said each individual who follows the party agenda can join PTI.

Khan said party will not support America in its fight against militants because it causes problems in Pakistan mainly in tribal areas but PTI wants to promote good relations with all the countries including America.

He said PTI will give the nation an independent foreign policy and will specially focus on countries like China, Iran and Afghanistan.