ISLAMABAD – Former Ambassador B.A. Malik on Sunday called for following the China model policy, aimed at putting the country on consistent path of progress and prosperity.

"Notwithstanding the differences, there should be trade with each and every country as world's largest economies have been doing without taking into account their size and views on regional as well as international issues. This distinguished them among the comity of nations," he told APP. Elaborating the China model policy, the envoy said, China has never been hesitant to do trade with any country even with India and United States.

So, Pakistan must enhance its economic ties with all countries including India for the benefit of its own economy and welfare. It would also pave the way to find an acceptable solution of all bilateral issues with India particularly the longstanding core issue of Kashmir, he added. He said "It was the vision of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto that lack of progress on one issue of the agenda, should not impede progress on the other". "If we have to eliminate poverty, extremism and terrorism and live with dignity, foreign policy must shift from a cold-war mindset to a warm-peace mindset.

 If this happens that will be a real paradigm shift as mere cosmetic measures will not change any thing," B.A Malik said.

The ambassador, who is a foreign policy analyst and has served on various diplomatic assignments in Philippines, Tunisia, Hungry and the Maldives, said Pakistan would have to forge `fraternity' with all in order to transform itself into a real welfare state.

"Today's world is a global village where no country can live in isolation as everyone's interests are interlinked with each other", he added.

He said the country has a lot of potential to become an economic powerhouse for which a broad-minded strategy is required.

The envoy said foreign policy is always determined by the domestic situation of any country, adding that the domestic situation of Pakistan demands greater regional integration to  lead its people towards progress and prosperity.

He said that regional trade and commerce is the way forward for Pakistan, adding, "It is not an age of independence; it is an age of interdependence."

He underlined the need of forging greater unity among all segments of the society to keep the country moving on democratic track, setting aside all their differences.