Drug curse is a worldwide dilemma, and the number of drug addicts is increasing day by day. The addicts fall in the bracket of 15-16 years. We live in a society that is surely intolerant towards drug addicts yet even then the number of the addicts is rising. This is casing mental diseases among the users. Drugs register a deadly impact on human brain and that is why the addicts at one point in time resort to violence. Such drugs come in various forms of course. Sometimes they are used for weight-loss and sometimes by the athletes to increase stamina. A number of Sheesha bars in posh localities of Lahore provide such drugs to the youth to make a quick buck. Girls particularly use them to reduce stress and even to increase their confidence which is ludicrous. However these girls do not know that they are playing havoc with their lives and those of their family which provides them with the money. Sometimes addiction through the use of a syringe even cause Aids among the users. The drug addicts are permanent patients of depression, anxiety, loss of appetite and other physiological problems. Some users even commit suicide. Serious efforts by the government are required but most importantly an awareness campaign is needed to fight the scourge.

Fatima Shorish. Lahore,

January 01.