MARDAN - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Sunday that they neither accepted the supremacy of Britain, Russia and other super powers, nor would they accept the supremacy of the US in the region.

He said in their society Pakhtuns looked down upon those who divorced their spouse, so how they could believe that a divorcing person could bring a change in the country.

He expressed these views while addressing a huge public gathering held in connection with Sangar Baba Conference at Railway Ground. Sangar Baba was martyred while fighting against the British and was buried in Mayar village. Maulana Gul Nasseb Khan, vice ameer, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, general secretary and opposition leader in the Senate, Maulana Amanullah, provincial Ameer, Maulana Muhammad Qasim, provincial general secretary Maulana Shujaul Mulak, district ameer and others also spoke on the occasion. Maulana Attaur Rehman, vice ameer and MNA, and other office-bearers and leaders were also present at this occasion.

Early in the morning, a huge procession of JUI-F workers marched towards the place of public gathering from different parts of the city. 

Maulana said they wanted relation with all the countries on equality basis. Pakistan’s relations with the US are not on equal basis but it is like the relation of master and slave. He said the US liked democracy of Nawz Sharif, Imran Khan, Iltaf Hussan, Asif Ali Zardari and Asfandyar Wali Khan, as they had western democracy and did not accept their democracy, as it was Islamic democracy.

He said there was a clash between two civilisations - Islam and Western civilisations - in Afghanistan. He said the madressah was a great hurdle countering the western culture invasion, so some people wanted to finish madressahs. “This wish will never be fulfilled,” he said.

Maulana said when policemen or others were martyred in the country, they condemned it and showed their sympathies with the bereaved families, but when innocent youth were killed in Abu Gharib Jail, Bagram air base, Guantanamo Bay and other jails, their holy book was thrown in drainage and planning was made to disgrace the Holy Quran in churches, no one spoke against it.

He said they rendered sacrifices of thousands of people and got billions of rupees lost in the ‘so-called’ war on terror, adding that the US gave a minor aid to Pakistan.

 He said it had been proved from history that the US was not loyal to anyone and it disgraced its slaves. He said the war in Afghanistan was the war of civilisations and resources. Today it is the international agenda to finish madressahs, he said. He said they were in the favour of the struggle, which should be made under the law and constitution. But he added they were against any armed struggle. “We cannot see a drum in the hands of a Pakhtun. If there is a weapon in the hands of a Pakhtun, he is a terrorist and if a drum is in his hands he is called a Pakhtun,” he regretted. He further said they wanted to give respect to Pakhtuns and make them an honourable nation in the world.

Fazlur Rehman said JUI was the name of a movement, through which they defeated Britain and Russia, and owing to this movement communism had been defeated in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. He said due to this movement, people started struggling against capitalism in the US and other countries. He said tsunami brings destruction, adding that it could not compete with this movement.

Several workers of ANP, PML-N and other parties including Arshid Shamozai, Alam Khan, Muhammad Ali, Zahid Gul, Shahjehan, Javeed Khan, Hazrat Hussan, Ahmed Ali, Nasir Khan and others announced to join JUI-F at this occasion.