LAHORE – Officers belonging to the Planning Wing of the LDA wasted no time and hastily started working on the Part-Plan of a housing society resubmitted, secretary and silently, with the LDA on Saturday by the society’s secretary.

They even did not care for the weekly holiday (Sunday), ignoring orders of the Registrar of the Cooperative Housing Societies and despite rejection of the revised map of the society (Board of Revenue Society), TheNation has learnt.

In this regard, a team of Metropolitan Planning Wing of the LDA, headed by Deputy Director Shakeel Anjum Minhas, reached the BOR Society early Sunday morning. However, the society president and other office bearers got a clue of their designs and gathered there. They showed the orders and letters issued by the Registrar’s office to the LDA team, who assured them that an action regarding approval of the revised map would be initiated according to rules and regulations of the relevant laws.

Earlier, in an illegal attempt by the secretary of the Society to hush up the case of four labourers’ death at the hands of some LDA officials a few months ago was timely blocked by the Metropolitan Planning Wing of the Lahore Development Authority. The secretary of the BOR Society, Mr Abdul Shakoor, had submitted to the Lahore Development Authority’s wing a Part-Plan and the self-revised map of the society for its approval, without getting it approved from other office bearers of the society, while the president of the BOR Society, Mr Nasir Qadeer, had exposed this conspiracy (of hushing up the case of the four deaths).

The labourers were buried alive when an LDA team started demolishing the under-construction building they were working in. A case was registered with the Johar Town police and a Chief Minister’s Inspection team is probing it.