KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Munawar Hassan on Sunday urged the Army chief to pull out of the war on terror and hold negotiations with Taliban, adding that the people want Islamic revolution which is knocking at the doors.

Addressing a public gathering at the Banaras Chowk here, the JI chief called upon the public to get rid of the present rulers and start preparations to elect efficient and honest people in the upcoming elections. He also held Nawaz Sharif equally responsible for the deteriorating situation in the country, saying that the latter supported the President Zardari and Prime Minister Gillani for three years.

The JI chief came down hard on the PML-N chief, President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani and held Nawaz equally responsible for the present crises, saying that they both wanted power at any cost.

“The PPP did not have majority in the parliament, but Nawaz supported it for three years for the sack of power. The PPP and the Muslim Leagues, which have been a part of governments, are responsible for deterioration and inflation in the country,” he said. The JI chief said that inflation and Zardari were interlinked while Gilani and unemployment were the same. If they remain in the power, the situation would further deteriorate in the country, he added.

He further said that inflation, unemployment and deterioration will persist if Zardari and Gilani remain in the government. He said that people want change in the country, so the real Islamic revolution would come through beard men and veiled women.

Munwar argued that the US had lost the war in Afghanistan, so she had indulged in negotiations with Taliban had indicated to release the arrested Taliban. He demanded that the chief of Army staff should pull out of the war against terrorism and start negotiations with Taliban.

Criticising the ANP, he alleged that the secular party had got money from Russia in 80’s and now getting dollars from the US.He demanded that ANP should respond to the issue of missing persons in KP. He claimed that at least 100 women have been kidnapped in Balochistan province and questioned that who handed over them to the US. Munawar said that if the same people elected in the elections and come in the power, the people would not bear them for two to three months. He said that Pakistan was facing threats from all sides and conspiracies against the country were being hatched all over the world. “The JI has started ‘Go America Go’ movement as my party believes that the US interference and dictation is the root cause of the problems being suffered by the country,” he said.

Munawar further said that Pakistan and the US’s interest were conflicting as America wants to see India more powerful than Pakistan in the region. The JI chief claimed that the US had three aims in Pakistan including destabilisation, denuclearisation and de-Islamisation of Pakistan. He demanded revisiting of the foreign policy and making it pro-Pakistan instead of pro-US. He also urged Chief Justice of Pakistan continue pro-people decisions and asked him to ensure the implementation of superior court’s verdicts. He also urged the CJ to unveil the faces behind memogate scandal.

The JI meeting, which was held a stronghold of Awami National Party,  was organised under its programme of contacts with masses for voicing against the increasing inflation, unemployment and the US’s interference in Pakistan’s affairs.

Meanwhile, JI central leader Sirajul Haq said that his party would foil conspiracies of government being hatched against the religious Madaris. He also criticised the ANP and called it American National Party. Other leaders including Muhammad Hussain Mehanti, Mairajul Huda also address the gathering.