SADIQABAD - Gas supply, which was restored to the Rahim Yar Khan industries after four-day loadsheding, has been suspended just after a few hours for indefinite period.

The prolonged gas outages have created negative impact on the industrial production coupled with posing a threat to the workers’ survival without jobs. Thousands of employees’ jobs are at risk since gas unavailability has made them unable to continue their work. However, the department could not explain why the supply has been suspended for indefinite period.

The gas supply to textiles, edible oil and beverages factories was restored on Wednesday at 6am and suspended at 6pm the same day whereupon hundreds of workers have become unemployed. Not only labourers but also industrialists are concerned over the unscheduled and unannounced disruption of gas supply which, surely, will increase the number of unemployed mills’ workers, causing an irreparable loss to the industrialists and the country as well.

Meanwhile, hundreds of dejected workers, industrialists and exporters are holding rallies in protest against gas loadshedding across the country. Carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans asking the government “to save the industry by providing the basic and essential production factor to industry”, the protesters chanted slogans against the federal government and denounced the unfair distribution of gas.

Crippling outages flayed: Hundreds of industrial workers and labourers, who have been sacked by their employers due to the crippling gas and electricity loadshedding, staged a protest demonstration at Allama Iqbal Chowk against against the prolonged power outages in Sialkot district.

The protesting workers were terminated from their jobs in Sialkot factories, as the 85 percent industrial production was halted due to unabated power outages. The protesting workers and labourers blocked traffic for an hour by burning tyres.

They were wearing black armbands and carrying banners and placards and were chanted slogans against the government.

On the other hand, hundreds of the PML-N activists also took out a protest rally and staged a sit-in at Allama Iqbal Chowk as a protest against the PPP government for remaining failed to curb the menace of the worst loadshedding of the electricity.

 The PML-N activists also kept the traffic blocked on several intercity roads by burning tyres.