ISLAMABAD - Despite constitution of a special committee comprising the members of Muttahida Qoumi Movement and Pakistan People’s Party, both these parties have so far failed to even narrow down their differences on the future Local Bodies setup in Sindh what to speak of evolving consensus on the issue.

Sources aware of the developments on this front informed TheNation that now frustration on the part of MQM leadership was oozing out from their stinking statements against the government on various issues.

The sources in MQM were of the view that their senior coalition partner in Federal and Sindh governments were just buying time and were not serious in evolving consensus on the fate and future of the Local Bodies system in the province.

A senior Muttahida Qoumi Movement  leader on condition of anonymity admitted that now there were little chances of holding Local Bodies elections during the current tenure of the government and it would definitely be left to the next government to decide about it.

Substantiating his claim, he said that the government was engulfed in host of crises including the memo controversy while the Senate elections were also around the corner and almost all the political parties were busy preparing their strategy for the elections scheduled for March this year. After the Senate elections, if held, there would be a mood of general elections and PPP would also likely to announce the early elections most likely in the fall of current year.

The sources in MQM were of the view that they would try to get some commitment in black and white on the future of Local Bodies setup in the provinces and made it clear that their party would not accept anything less than District Governments System in the province or at least in the urban centres of the province.

These sources further said that they would not give more time to their senior coalition partner and would try to resolve the issue during the current month or at least before the upcoming Senate elections.

The sources in PPP dispelled the impression that they were not serious on the subject and said that they wanted to resolve the issue with MQM but at the same time they would not annoy their provincial party leadership.

These sources said that they were seriously working with Muttahida Qoumi Movement  to evolve consensus on the future of Local Bodies elections and to introduce such system which would be acceptable to all the stakeholders including PML-F and ANP.

The sources said that PML-F and ANP were having serious reservations over the introduction of District Nazims system in the province while majority of their PPP leaders from Sindh are also having the same view and wanted to revert back to the old Local Bodies system in the province.

The sources further said that they were trying to carve out a Local Bodies System with good things from both the old municipality system and District Government System with the approval of all and also expressed optimism that they would soon be able to bring all the stakeholders on one page.

The sources in PPP said that the matter of delimitation of the constituencies also came under discussion in their meeting with Muttahida Qoumi Movement  and now they would be taking other stakeholders on board on the issues being discussed with MQM and hoped that things would be resolved very soon.

Political analysts terming the prevailing situation as complex and confusing, said that if this state of indecision persists for another month or so then the Pakistan People’s Party-Muttahida Qoumi Movement  relations can face another severe blow and result in another breakup.