JHANG - Unscheduled loadshedding for more than 16 hours has badly disturbed the civic life and shocked the people miserably here in the city. While the people living in rural areas are facing great problems due to 18 hours power cut a day.

It has not only turned hundreds of labourers of power looms industry jobless but also increased problems for domestic women because of acute water shortage as the TMA water turbines remained closed due to loadshedding.

The students who were busy in annual exams are even more disturbed as loadshedding had once again emerged as one of the major hurdle to their studies.

Condition of hospitals and the Health Clinics is even worst and patients have to face even more difficulties due to prolong power cut. 

In some areas even drinking water is not available. Different crops particularly of wheat crop in being effected due to non availability of tube wells water due to prolonged 18 hours loadshedding in rural areas.