PESHAWAR - Amidst growing differences among the leadership of PK-77, PK-78 and PK-79, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is flexing its muscles to emerge as a third force and attract the dissidents of Awami National Party and other political parties.  

Insiders of ANP said that after the election of Karim Babak as ANP district president, some rivalries have also been surfaced. Two groups, one of which has the support of two MPAs including Qesar Wali Khan and Syed Rahim Khan while the second group comprises Karim Babak, Mia Syed Laiq Bacha and former district nazim Rauf Khan, have emerged. Earlier to this, election was held under the auspices of ANP leader Azam Khan Hoti and Iqbal Khan of Panjtar, which was accepted by the leadership of PF-78 and PK-79 with certain condition. The leadership of PK-78 and PK-79 were of the view that they have accepted the election held under the supervision Azam Khan Hoti but now the leadership should accept their nominated party office-bearers in constituencies and union councils.

This time two parallel organisations are working at constituency and UC levels. The president of PK-79 is Afsar Khan of Sultanwas while the general secretary of the same constituency is Hasan Khan of Alegani. Both of these candidates have the support of MPA Syed Rahim and MPA Qaiser Wali Khan. Similarly the leadership of PK-77, which led by former Federal Minister Karim Babak and Mian Syed Laiq Bacha, have established their own parallel organisations, which are not acceptable to both the MPAs of district Buner.

It was mistake on the part of provincial leadership that no election had so far been held for the union councils and constituencies of district Buner, which resulted in emergence of two parallel organisations of ANP. Now each group is coveting to bring their own candidates at PK level.

Insider within ANP without mentioning his name told TheNation that if the provincial leadership does not accept the nominated members of Syed Rahim Khan and Qaiser Wali Khan, then these differences might be intensified as these rivalries giving advantage to Pakistan Tahreek Insaf, which is struggling to strengthen itself and mustering support of certain people. Earlier to this even the chairman of district election commission of Awami National Party Iqbal Khan of Panjtar quitted ANP and joined Pakistan Tahreek Insaf along with thousands of supporters.

Sources added that certain elements are active to create rivalries in ranks of Awami National Party and they are only waiting for party tickets and in case of refusal, they would definitely join PTI.

He said the provincial leadership of Pakistan Muslim League and Tahreek Insaf has focused their attention on the political situation of Buner and they have invited several leaders of Awami National Party to join PTI but so far no decision has been made by any prominent candidate except Iqbal Khan of Panjtar.

The group which has the support of two elected MPAs demanding of the provincial and district leadership to accept their nominated office bearers of PK-78 and PK-79 or hold fresh election under the supervision of Azam Khan Hoti at UC and constituency level.

The people of Buner are mostly political affiliated with Awami National and Jamaat Islami, however due to differences in ANP a third force of Tahrik Insaf may gain grounds in the political field of Buner. Moreover president of Pakistan Awami Party Fanoos Gojar also belonged to district Buner and has well reputation among people of Gujjar community. He is also busy in political manoeuvring to secure political support by making an alliance with a popular party.